Impulse buying

I almost bought one of the new (ish) Google Nexus 7’s last week – almost on impulse. IN many ways the only reason I didn’t was the fact that the shop assistant couldn’t get the boxed model to connect to either my wireless modem or the inhouse wireless network. Something of a flaw..

And whilst I’m glad I didn’t succumb to impulse buying (especially as Argos are apparently about to stock a 32gb version of the Nexus for the same price) I’m still interested in the product.

In part that’s to do with glowing reviews the tablet has received (both in terms of price, value for money and functionality) see here, here and here. In part it’s to do with the android operating system which I’ve grown to love and in part understand (though that hasn’t stopped me lusting after the I pad) and in part its because at £199 its much more affordable than the I Pad. But mainly it’s the functionality that I crave…

Firstly professionally. I’m interested in the way hand held devices can be used when out on rural tour (in the case of @easternangles) to help us trap data, feedback on performances, provide more information, sell tickets even (if we change box office supplier) and even provide a subtle sur titling service. In many ways we just need to play with a device to see what’s possible – the nexus 7 may be less functional than the I pad but is at a price point which feels less of a risk in terms of loss / damage / theft.

The second reason is down to my poor back. Currently I lump around a lap top and power cable practically everywhere I go. If I can pick up a small device which allows me to do e mail quickly and efficiently (via google mail and a Microsoft Exchange server), use applications like tweetdeck and update my blog quickly I’ll be a happier, healthier man! Even better if I can roughly edit audio on the move or take and edit simple video vodcasts but not sure the Nexus will stretch that far..

Nexus 7 the way to go? Or should I save the pennies for the I-Pad?????. And as if to confuse things Apple have this week announced the I Pad mini at a price point somewhere above £200 with the claim that the mini has superiority over the Nexus for web browsing, dedicated apps and the such like (comparison here). It also has a rear camera which the Nexus lacks….

Decisions, decisions, decisions


So since writing this Windows have released Windows 8 – ‘bringing together the best of PC and tablet operating systems’ [reviewed here], many retailers (including HMV) have dropped the price of the Nexus 7 (16mb version) though the Argos in Colchester does not have the 32mb (priced at £199 in store). Whilst press on the mini i pad has not been great the option to get a second generation i pad for circa £330 remains an option – though thats still a massive £130 more than the Nexus….

Other links

Tablet Wars – John Naughton in the Observer

What users and analysts say about tablet use (from the Guardian)

Why Apple relented – and released the I Pad mini (from the telegraph)


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