The Incomers

Using video clips from the rehearsed reading at London’s Drill Hall here is a little taste of Murray Lachlan Young’s THE INCOMERS.

A full moon rises over a windswept cottage in the middle of nowhere

Children are in bed…wine is breathing nicely and the dinner is in the oven.

It’s Gordon and Celia’s wedding anniversary.

They’ve asked their oldest and dearest friends Zach and Jane down from London.

The only problem is that Zach and Jane aren’t Zach and Jane anymore. Jane has gone and Julia – the twenty five year old, French burlesque dancer, has taken her place.

What starts as a simple celebration of marriage and friendship quickly unravels. First it gets uncomfortable

As old ground gets raked up

And that blasted phone keeps buzzing

Throw in the odd ‘local character’ from next door

And clearly everything is not as it seems in this remote Cornish outpost

As revelation follows revelation no one could predict exactly where this evening will end up.

With characteristic wit Murray Lachlan Young’s THE INCOMERS is a hideously funny black farce in which four friends are slowly stripped of their pretensions and secrets until nothing is left but the truth.

Murray Lachlan Young’s The Incomers is on tour from April 18-May 25 2013
(The Incomers started life in January 2011 at Beaford Arts when Murray Lachlan Young, Paul Jepson, Rory Wilton and Mary Woodvine started playing with the idea. Supported by an Arts Council research and development grant and £5,000 of crowd sourced fundraising it developed over time – and through extended sessions at Dartington and at London’s Drill Hall. Thanks to further support from the Arts Council (with funds from the National Lottery) the play now heads out on tour in summer 2013.)


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