My Edinburgh #2 Louis Durra Trio at The Jazz Bar

There is something slightly indulgent about jazz in the afternoon. After you’ve paced the streets of Edinburgh in search of this venue then that venue the jazz bar is a real find. It’s just how a jazz bar should be (in my head anyway). You’re greeted at the door by a man in a loud shirt brandishing an almost finished fag (a roll up, naturally) and a cash box. Then it’s down a flight of stairs into a basement room with no natural light. A cool orange and red glow welcomes you to a long bar, comfortable chairs and cabaret tables. At one end a black drape clad stage hugs a grand piano and everything is squeezed between the bare brick walls.

It shimmers cool.

This afternoon the Louis Durra Trio (piano, bass, drums) were at the helm with their acoustic take on jazz, pop and even house standards. They even did Tears for Fears Mad World ….

… and where as Tears for Fears herald a car crash in I heart Peterborough here it just suggested an oasis of calm and tranquillity away from the chaos of the festival fringe.

In fact I suspect the jazz bar never much concerns itself with the real world going on above it’s head.


7 thoughts on “My Edinburgh #2 Louis Durra Trio at The Jazz Bar

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