Death and the self (with added doughnuts and a dash of Neil Innes) – Friday musings for the end of August

Funny old week.

Found myself the subject of a double page spread in the East Anglian Daily Times on Tuesday and then get outed as a doughnut lover at the 15 Queen Street creative gathering.

Meanwhile at Eastern Angles towers we’ve been working across four shows (eek make that five)– I heart Peterborough returned from Edinburgh, had a spruce up and is in Brighton tonight, The Long Life and Great Good Fortune of john clare had its first week of rehearsal, the image and marketing plans for the Christmas show (Dial m for murgatroyd) are being finalised, we started booking our spring tour for 2013 and – VERY EXCITINGLY – we’ve added a fundraising event A Night with our patron Neil Innes – the genius behind so many, many things – here he is in part of Monty Python’s Live from the Hollywood Bowl!

15 Queen Street

On Thursday I had the privilege of presenting at the monthly creative gatherings at 15 Queen Street. What’s bloody amazing about Queen Street is the way that it’s very quickly become a focal point for a whole range of creatives from Colchester and beyond. The passion, energy and enthusiasm in the room was uutterly tangible. It’s a massive credit to the work of Marc D’eath (@creativecoop) and Alex Davis (@Singyamatokun).

Presenting at Queen Street (photo Sarah Platt)

I was presenting about Eastern Angles – though I managed to interpret that in quite a liberal way and include my teenage crushes on actresses Alexandra Mathie, Anastasia Mulrooney and Sarah Crowe! I was alongside presentations by Orlando Jopling of the Roman River Festival (which this year includes a performance of Mozart’s Requiem which I’m rather partial too in Stoke by Nayland) and Daniel Buckroyd and Theresa Vaith – the dynamic double act (with or without a script) newly arrived at Colchester Mercury.

Presenting at Queen Street (under the shadow of Bishanya Vincent) – photo Jason Cobb see

Much more importantly though it was an opportunity to catch up with some old acquaintances and meet some new people – including lots of people who had strong connections with Eastern Angles. If I didn’t know it already it was a reminder that the EA extended family is catholic in size (I resist the temptation to make another Monty Python link…erm, not)!

The next Creative in Colchester sessions are on 27 September, 25 October and 22 November more info here. Worth plugging a couple of things whilst I’m here – Nicola Werenowska who wrote Eastern Angles Peapickers is running a series of writing workshops (Writing the Self)- more info here and ex Eastern Angles actress Nicola Goodchild’s Death has a regional premiere at first site at the end of September – keep an eye on the website here

DEATH – Trailer A from martin gooch on Vimeo.

In Other News

In other news I was copied into a wonderful e mail from the chair of 30bird productions which contained this description of me. It read ‘ Matthew has a rich brown beard which compensates for a paucity of hair on top, a fact which he generally covers with a hat’ . I have nothing more to add!!

30bird by the way are currently in Amsterdam with their wonderful – almost post modern – performance piece Poland 3 Iran 2. Well worth seeing if you can – intimate, beautiful and touching it’s one of those rare, surprising gems

Utterly and completely different – don’t forget Frinton Summer Theatre are arriving at the SJM next week with their new production of Tom Lehrar’s Tomfoolery .on Thursday and Friday of next week. Details here . In a neat link the people behind this production are working with Neil on a new musical – see the press article here

Which reminds me at some point next week I must post my Edinburgh notes. But that’s for another day!


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