Friday round up ….

Written on Friday – posted on Sunday!!!

So another week draws to the close – and it’s difficult not to miss the fact that today sees the start of the Olympics. AS my contribution to Team GB success I kicked off today by ringing my cycle bell for three minutes along the #Wivenhoe trail as part of #allthebells much to the bemusement and bafflement of several dog walkers and the folk on station rd bus stop. Mind you my poor attempt at engaging with the Olympics was rather overshadowed by DCMS top man Jeremy Hunt.

Over at Eastern Angles this week has seen last minute preparation for our #EasttoEdinburgh show ‘I heart Peterborough’ (you can read my thoughts here and assistant director Chris Hallam’s blog is well worth checking out here). Amy’s set arrived late on Monday, Milo Twomey had a full body wax on Tuesday (and was walking around very gingerly for the following 24 hrs) and by Wednesday we were knee deep in tech and dress rehearsals. Our always spritely production manager Steve walked in one morning and announced ‘ what would I like to be doing on a beautiful sunny day like this – ahh yes that’s it spending the next 12 hours in a hot, dark room with no natural life’. It’s a cruel life sometimes! Have to say though the show is definitely worth It . Our first preview down here at the SJM was a hot and sticky affair (not the fault of the play) but went down really, really well. You can catch it at the Pleasance, Brighton, Peterborough Key Theatre, Colchester Mercury, Poole Lighthouse, london’s soho theatre and a few more venues to boot too. Please help us spread the word!

It’s not Eastern Angles way to only be working on one show at any one time so this week we’ve been signing off the print for our September show The Long Life and Great Good Fortune of John Clare. Commissioned by the John Clare Cottage it’s written by Tony Ramsay and directed by EA’s own artistic director Ivan Cutting. The show take a fresh look at the life and work of John Clare with a contemporary twist thrown in for good measure. The play is being performed in Peterborough as part of the We Love Words festival and you can read the full programme (which includes the likes of Roger McGough and John Hegley here). As a taster of John Clare’s poetry heres a little you tube play list:-

One of the idiosyncracies of working in such a small space as the SJM is your route for a cup of tea takes you through the back of the theatre and every bang crash and wallop on stage is heard in all the rooms. So it should have come as no surprise that our Catalyst planning meeting (complete with giant paper spreadsheet and my squeaky sandals) was interrupted by a half naked man in need of a glass of water. Later we were (politely) told to shhh by our stage manager – we were obviously having far too much fun planning a whole series of exciting and inventive fundraising schemes (keep an eye on the eastern angles web site for more info). And through the Catalyst scheme every £ we raise is matched. Our target over the next three years is to raise a £100,000 – look out for a Blue Peter style thermometer in the SJM soon!

The marketing team headed down to the all new pop up café down at Ipswich Town hall on Friday evening. I’d had a peek on Wednesday when representatives from Ipswich’s arts organisations (including EA, the Wolsey, Dance East, Gecko, Pacitti Company and the Museum service) got together for a catch up and a planning session about potential European funding pots. Great to hear in person about everyone’s exciting plans for the next two – three years. The suspicion is that Ipswich’s cultural scene is about to get very exciting…

…meanwhile I didn’t quite make the pop up café. I’d been having my own personal battle with our new software package (SAGE) and a bank reconciliation which was being as stubborn as my teenage self.


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