Bouncing into Milton Keynes

Two years ago the inaugural Milton Keynes International Festival threw up one of my personal musical highlights of the decade – a quite extraordinary, hypnotising late evening of improvised music by Evelyn Glennie and Fred Frith. I was literally an arms length away from Fred and his vast array of guitar paraphernalia. It was both a privilege and a pleasure – one of those evenings you know you wont experience again in a long while.

This weekend I’m heading back to Milton Keynes for the second IF – and apparently another ‘amazing 10 days’ are in store:-

Here are just some of the stuff I’m looking forward to in the 2 days I’m there…

Much as I love the odd bit of Sherlock Holmes (old + new), Wallender and Rebus I doubt I’m going to be any good at this latest Metro Boulot Dodo experience.

Frankly I don’t give Milton Keynes much hope if its relying on me to build it – and the ‘breathless journey bit’ sounds rather scary. I didn’t get on at all with Punchdrunks Crash of the Elysium so I’m looking for MBD to restore my faith in interactive performance! (no pressure there, then)

Perhaps there will be a little more calm tranquility around the boat project – one of the Artists taking the Lead commissions. Its a scheme that I think I’ve rather fallen out of love with but maybe Lone Twin can win me round with their living (floating) archive of peoples stories and lives.

And if the boat project doesn’t provide that ocean of tranquility then surely the intriguingly entitled The Quiet Volume will. One of the really great side effects of the Arts Council becoming responsible for libraries and museums is it more easily enables intriguing collaborations like the one at play here.

Not often you get to bounce on a work of art – or indeed a world heritage site. As a true gentlemen (ahem) I may shuffle to the back of the queue and simply observe… I’m still not sure what I made of Jeremy Dellor’s Hayward retrospective so I’ve no idea what I’ll make of Sacrilige …maybe, just maybe I’ll go for one quick ‘bounce’.

Over in the Spiegel tent, from what I’ve already heard about his recent Latitude gig, this should be a real musical hoot. And as I come from a family with an ever receeding hairline The Horne Project can come and serenade me on any of Milton Keynes parkways

and Lord only knows what I’m going to make of the Demon Barbers (I’ve already worked out it wont be something I’m trying at home)

[Talking of the Demon Barbers here’s a wee little quiz question – what links Lone Twin with this rather wonderful documentary film about Morris Men…

And if that wasn’t enough theres an open air (thank God!) fire show, Cambodian theatre (rouge), the return of the Stables session (which If I remember rightly from two years ago was where I ended up when it all got too much), a cabaret of ideas and some fantastic looking family shows from the likes of Fevered Sleep and Kazzum

And that’s just the first two days. Full programme and info here


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