Time to put a little more mascara on!

It’s getting a familiar pattern in the Eastern Angles office. No sooner does one show near the end of its journey then another gets underway.

And so it is today. As Margaret Catchpole and her white horses rides into her final week (read some of the press here) over in Peterborough we’re donning high heels, red lipstick and a little more mascara as Joel Horwood’s fabulous new play goes into rehearsal.

What started as an idea about a transvestite had become a play about two drug addicts (a kind of fast moving Peterborough trainspotting – read about it here). But plays are funny things and they never quite behave as you might expect or indeed want them to. Over winter Joel decided to park the heroin play and Lulu the transvestite came back to life. Much as I loved Gary and Tiger (I couldn’t put that script down when I first read it) – I’m very glad he did.

Joel has breathed life into a quite extraordinary character. As rich (not financially you understand) as he is – well – strange. He’s a big bloke, with a dodgy wig, high heels and delusions of celebrity (well, don’t we all?). With his son Hew the two mean form a dysfunctional double-act . The result –a car crash of a cabaret act and a darkly comic 70 minutes where both men’s lives – and especially Lulu’s – are laid bare.

Milo Twomey with Hannah Yelland in Brief Encounter

Joining us on the journey are two actors who are making their debuts with Eastern Angles. Playing Lulu is Milo Twomey who has just finished playing Lord Windermere in Manchester Royal Exchange’s production of Lady Windemere’s Fan. He’s worked with the likes of Kneehigh (playing Alec Harvey in Brief Encounter) ,RSC, Theatre Royal Bath, Bristol Old Vic is a regular at Manchester Royal Exchange as well as featuring in 46 episodes of My Spy Family.

[Milo in the rather strange Bomerang TV series My Spy Family

Jay Taylor in Misfits

Playing opposite him – as Hew – is Jay Taylor who might be best known for having ‘I drug and rape girls’ written across his chest in the hit TV series Misfits. In fact Jay is a seasoned TV performer having appeared in Midsomer Murders, teaboys, Sirens and Casualty.

Excitingly the show is being co directed by both the writer (joel) and EA’s own artistic director (Ivan) . The show rehearses in Peterborough (including a two week residency at the Key Theatre) before heading to the Sir John Mills Theatre for production week and previews. Then its off to Edinburgh for three and a half weeks (the Pleasance), before a short national tour and a run at London’s Soho Theatre.

I Heart Peterborough image


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