Extreme blogging -live from stage!

Live blogging an event is now becoming common place but has an actor ever written a blog whilst on stage performing?

Rehearsal shot – Rosalind Steele and Becky Pennick

Tonight was the first preview of Eastern Angles brand new production of Margaret Catchpole. @markfizzwig gave us our first twitter review ‘great acting, great set, great script’. But even before Mark’s busy fingers had started tapping away at his phone the first review had long been completed.

At the end of the show the irrepressible Becky Pennick had pressed a slip of paper into my hand – the first of what could become a regular commentary on the show. Written on paper which looked very 1790’s – and in a fine copperplate hand – this is what that note said:-

Performance No1. So here we are in the middle of the second act. The audience are absolutely lovely. Probably the best audience we could have, they are very supportive and laughing at all the right points and even more than we expected. Margaret’s hair has come out which she will be annoyed at but it doesn’t diminish her wonderful performance – she is as fantastic as always. Huge congratulations to all those involved and here’s to the rest of the run.

E. Cobbold (Mrs)

To find out quite how Becky (aka E Cobbold (Mrs) achieves this feat of extreme live bloging you will just have to come and see the show. No doubt though you’ll be able to keep up to date with Mrs Cobbolds performance diary on the eastern angles site!


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