A cock joke kills my phone

So the highlight of today’s read through of Margaret Catchpole (Eastern Angles 30th anniversary show which opens at the Hush House on 21 June – booking details here)?

I’d like to say it was the obvious potential of our very talented cast, or Alastair’s words coming alive or even Rosie talking us through the set. Unfortunately it was none of those things – and the highlight for everyone else was for me personally a very definite low light.

And it was all the fault of a cock joke I just didn’t expect.

There was I sat with my notebook and phone on my lap listening in intently as the story of the brazen and bold Margaret Catchpole unfolded around me – a fearless horse girl who is as honest as her sweetheart appears to be a rogue . When without a by your leave along came the joke in question. As any general manager (aka Scrooge) worth his salt would do I lept – half in laughter, half in surprise (and maybe – maybe just a little bit going whhhhhhhat!!). Unfortunately as I lept so did the things in my lap. My note book landed neatly back on my lap but my phone soared in a neat parabola landing with a large splash right in the centre of my half drunk mug of tea.

There was a moment of absolute silence before – led by Ivan – the whole gathered company of 24 burst into laughter. Needless to say I went bright red and reached hurriedly for my phone which, by now, was of course as dead as a dodo. My beloved Galaxy Samsung G2 had succumbed to my love of large mugs of tea.

I struggled through the rest of the first half surrounded by a pool of spilt tea and clutching my dead phone pretending all was well. I even made a few notes ( I believe one read ‘note to self -you are an idiot’).

She (the phone that is) is now buried deep in a bag of basmati rice – as recommended by several previous victims of unplanned phone dunking. She will be shortly booked into the casualty department of our airing cupboard but to be honest I’m not holding out much hope.

As for Margaret Catchpole ? Well if the reading is anything to go by we’re in for a rollicking summer – with a riotous mix of courtship and smuggling. There’s step dancing and mooing, sounds from the extraordinary schwirrbogen, skull duggery at sea, hard work at home and a fair bit of carousing too . At it’s heart a feisty girl for whom nothing is impossible in her quest to get her man – all set against an England at war with Europe and herself. ‘England is cruel’ Margaret says ‘ Cruel and corrupted from top to bottom’. No change there then!

It’s going to be a fun summer – with or without my phone!


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