Eastern Angles win £120k Catalyst Award

Not everyday this happens!

Something of a celebration in the Eastern Angles office today as we’ve been awarded £120,000 from the Arts Council as part of the Council’s fiercely competitive national scheme Catalyst, designed to encourage entrepreneurial fundraising. Now our task is to use that award to bring in another £100,000 of philanthropic funding.

The investment will enable us to devote more resources to working with older people, develop our work with the next generation of writers, theatre directors and actors and to continue our investment in the highest quality of rural touring.

The award comes at a crucial time. Arts organisations across the country are suffering from a triple whammy of a sharp decline in local authority funding and private sector investment and a recession which is impacting on ticket sales as audiences simply have less money to spend /in their pockets . The impact is especially acute in the East region which attracts well below average levels of financial investment (see my blog from the launch of the Arts Index).

We like to think that the award also recognises the hard work we’ve been doing to build audiences and fundraise in difficult times. It reflects our financial resiliance as an organisation – and builds on our known strengths; a strong, loyal audience, a reputation for delivering quality events. Above all though the investment is a tribute to EA’s many and varied loyal supporters from those who volunteer their time to Copperfield members who each month donate what they can to support our work.

‘The arts council funding is absolutely essential to ensure that positive start turns into a glowing future’ – Ivan Cutting at the launch of the Arts Index report, Houses of Parliament, Dec 11’

As we enter the next thirty years of the company history we want to make sure we remain fit for purpose – a strong and sustainable organisation that is continuing to deliver great art to a wide ranging audience. Catalyst will play a major role in turning the positive start of Copperfield into a glowing future!

Official arts council statement is here (along with the list of fellow awardees).

The Arts Council said ‘The Catalyst Arts scheme aims to make arts organisations more sustainable, resilient and innovative by increasing their fundraising potential and attracting new money to invest in additional artistic work. It acts as challenge funding to support additional arts activity.

The Arts Council has made awards to organisations that are committed to making a step-change in their approach to fundraising by finding innovative ways to identify and make themselves more attractive to donors; and to make sure that donors want to keep on giving.

These awards will help the arts sector to attract new money now and in the longer term, which will be invested in additional artistic work’


2 thoughts on “Eastern Angles win £120k Catalyst Award

  1. Great news… I’ve really been enjoying your Blog, and it’s fantastic to hear about this success.

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