Nature is a wonderful thing – so are bank holidays!

Picked up a copy of the Wivenhoe Ferry Timetable (reviewed by Jason Cobb here). The tide tables contained there in reliably told us that the Easter weekend was going to be one of the highest tides this year. So on Easter Monday – ignoring the typical bank holiday drizzle and grey skies we set off to enjoy!.

This was the view from the end of the Wivenhoe Pier:- (or see pics below)

Yet here is the same scene from more or less the same spot – 180 minutes later:-

The drop in water height – judging by the pier legs – must have been around 10 foot!

The shots were taken at the beginning and end of a walk to Alresford punctuated by a quick pint in the Pointer! This short video (using the Flip Magic feature) also captures the rise and fall of the tide!

In between we stopped off at the ruined church of St Peters which local poet Martin Newell captures perfectly in his poem The Ruins of St Peter’s Church (in Late Autumn Sunlight)

‘Roofless, open to the sky
The ruins yawn, the clouds go by
The crows and rooks and rabbits pass
Along the floor long-laid to grass.
While ivy on the chancel flowers
On porous Roman brick and lime
The medieval mortar sours
In walls that crumble over time’

Nature is a wonderful thing! So are bank holidays.


At High Tide – approx 14.45

A walk and a beer later at around 1745


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