RIP the flip camera

I’m somewhat behind the times here with my eulogy for the Flip camera – CISCO called time on this dinky piece of technology back in April last year. 

Think its fair to say that it was a piece of kit I immediately fell in love with – introducing me to what others wiser than me call citizen journalism (here’s a recent Guardian blog).  Mind my sort of citizen journalism hasn’t been about riots, uprisings or indeed petty crime – funnily enough its been all about arts projects.

That said – when I got my first flip it seems that journalism wasn’t the first thing on my mind.  Nope I clearly decided that I was in fact the next David Lean:-

After that rather shaky start I rapidly went off that idea and seem to have decided that I would be much better as a producer. So when someone (and I can’t remember who) had the idea that the @phrandconfused tent needed a kind of chat show- needless to say – with the kind of enthusiasm which is ungainly in a man of my years – I volunteered. This episode rapidly became infamous for an incident which happens some 5 minutes and 45 seconds into the video – just after Byron Vincent finishes his Bob Holness poem! You can view that particular vid cast here (blip doesn’t seem to want to embed videos today!)

I quickly discovered that my front men (yes thats you @alexiskirke and joshua idehen (@benincitizen)!!!) had no faith in my carefully crafted script (sic) so by episode 3 two days later I’d taken over presenting responsibilities myself – and can be seen here clearly nicking an idea from Have I got News for You….(view that one here)

By the way Hannah Silva  is currently touring her own one woman show Opposition at the moment – well worth going to see (I got to be Winston Churchill!) and @SalenaGodden is so damm busy she is always up to something!

Phrased and Confused took a year off after that so I had a bit of time to think about where I wanted to go next. Clearly the answer to that was I wanted to be a documentary maker. Here I am creating a docu vlog for Murray Lachlan Young’s Burlesque. There is even two versions of this one – a 3 minute version and a mammouth directors cut here – all 8 minutes of it!.

So by the time Phrased and Confused came round again I’d shifted ground again. This time the BBC’s festival coverage was clearly on my mind – once again only using a flip

Later that year I’d cleary given up on Glastonbury and reverted to a more Jools style presentation. Here one of the video podcasts from #interrogate. It’s another blip file so you’ll have to view it here

Interrogate returns to Dartington in Autumn this year – keep an eye on the Dartington web site for updates with programme announcements due soon. You can find out more about Mark Williamsons Action for Happiness here, the polymath that is Inua Ellams here and the simply bonkers but wonderful Natural Causes here

Thankfully after all that I clearly decided I had a better face for radio so my latest foray into citizen journalism is a radio show about @Easternangles current show #privateresistance. Part 1 of which is here – part 2 of which is here

This is the point where I really should pontificate about the demise of the Flip – but I’ll leave that to the experts (heres the WIRED view) but really all I want to say is I’ve had an awful lot of fun experimenting with it as a piece of kit, learning how to put things together and what works and what doesn’t. Sure the sound and visual quality isn’t world class (and neither is my presenting, producing and editing) but its left traces of former events, moments that have passed and I for one have enjoyed looking back on them. And whatever CISCO say the kit still works…

But that’s not going to stop me wondering whats the next gadget I’m going to get my hands on….


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