All in a days work!

What does 75 dates across 51 venues throughout East Anglia look like in real terms? Well actually something a little like this:-

A typical day starts at 2pm with the company of 5 actors and our stage manager Penny gathering around the glorious Eastern Angles van.

THE Eastern Angles Van!

Pen will already have been ‘in’ for a couple of hours fixing props, washing and ironing costumes and checking in with one of our many promoters – village volunteers who undertake to host and promote the show. Most of the venues are around an hour or so drive from base so at around 3pm the company will arrive at the venue and this will happen:-

[shot at Wivenhoe’s William Loveless Hall – music by Chris Warner of]

That’s around two hours work speeded up somewhat! Then comes the process of prop setting, light focusing, checking and final preparations. Working as an actor with Eastern Angles is so much more than getting into costume and speaking your lines! By 6.30pm everything should be set and ready so the cast break for an hour.

Some five and a half hours after the cast originally gathered in Ipswich the show begins. If you haven’t heard it before heres a little podcast to give you a flavour of the show:-

By ten past ten the show is done and the whole process starts in reverse.

Then – after tackling the great rubix cube of getting everything back into the van–

A Perfectly Packed Van - photo by Bishanyia Vincent

the company wave good bye and headback to base. Anticipated arrival time back at base in Ipswich circa half midnight.

We’re now 15 shows into a 75 date So all this is going to be repeated for another 60 shows in nearly 40 more venues between now and May 20th! Undoubtedly results in some tales from the road – here is Bishanyia’s take.

For details of all forthcoming performances see here.

Bishanyia Vincent & Fred Lancaster in Private Resistance


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