Following our trail!!!

I’m beginning to wonder if the folks in the programming team at the BBC are keeping rather too keen an eye on Eastern Angles right now. Take our Christmas show for example. No sooner do we announce Round the Twist – a Dickensian spoof set in the Old Curiosity Shop…

(Get a sneaky flavour of the show here – from an early rehearsal…(soundcloud file))

….then the BBC announce their own Dickensian spoof set in – well you’ve guessed it The Old Curiosity Shop!

If you’re interested The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff is being repeated right now – you can watch here whilst Round the Twist unfortunately uttered its final testimonial joke in the fair city of Peterborough (a possible inspiration for Oliver Twist) back in January – all thats left behind can be found here.

Harmless enough you might say – after all it is Dickens bi-centenary and the Beeb did have Mr Stephen Fry up their sleeve (he unfortunately turned us down for the role of Miss Haversack – too busy preparing for his role as Malvolio he said – you should have heard the language in the office when we discovered the truth – he’d turned us down to do a telly*)….

but then the copying thing happened again.

On Feb 15th Eastern Angles opened their spring tour (I blogged about it here and all the official info can be found here). Private Resistance is the ultimate ‘what if’ scenario – imagining what life might have been like in one Manningtree household connected to Chuchill’s guerrilla army (the Auxillary Units) had the Germans invaded. You can find out the background to the show in this radio podcast from Radio Wivenhoe here (part 1) and here (part 2)

Lo and behold the BBC took heed and merely a week later started broadcasting their own resistance drama on radio 4.

If you’re quick you can listen again to Mrs Browns Resistance on the I player or here. By way of compensation Aunty did placate us by publishing this very nice article about the show

Now of course this could just be down to the fact that like Eastern Angles – Aunty has an eye for a good idea. To be fair its not just the Beeb who have picked up on this particular idea -it seems some movie folks quite liked the it too…

So in the spirit of sharing good ideas Eastern Angles next big idea is a play based on the life of the quite extraordinary character Margaret Catchpole.

We’ll be performing it in the atmospheric hush house – seen here in our recent bout of Spring snow – over at Bentwaters Park.

So if anyone from Aunty or indeed the British Film Industry wants to get in contact they will be very welcome. Or they could just come and see the show – public booking opens March 1st!

(*word to the wise – not everything in this blog is true!)


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