Private Resistance opens….

To Aldeburgh for the opening performance of Private Resistance -Eastern Angles’ spring tour which runs right through until May 20th.  First review came in less then six hours later – from Public Reviews – which you can read here , rapidly followed by another five stars from What’s On Stage (here) and a glowing review from The Stage.


I’d been fascinated by the story that lies behind #PrivateResistance – a story that until I joined Eastern Angles I knew absolutely nothing of.  So during the rehearsal process I took some time out (though as  it became something of a labour of love not sure JP was quite so keen) from the desk to put together a programme for Radio Wivenhoe about the show .  Anyway you can listen again here (part one) and here (part two)

And it’s clear that it wasn’t just me fascinated by the back story.  Our sponsors Ipswich Building Society have clearly been inspired too.  On opening night they arrived at the office with a huge display board which documented the history of the company during the war years. Follow the link to see the display as an issuu document.

Alongside that they’d dug deep into their archives and produced a file of quite extraordinary documents – claim forms as a result of war damage from practically all the places we are visiting – and given there are over 50 of them (see here) that’s quite some feat. If you are going to see the show make sure you have a look!

It’s evidence of a real creative dialogue going on between the building society and us. It’s great to be working with a sponsor who has really engaged with the show, it’s themes, and the places the show is visiting – to such an extent that their work is part of the audience experience. I hope their sponsorship will be as beneficial for them as it has been for us!

And to cap it all they sent the cast flowers before the show – put me to shame all I sent them was a poxy postcard!

Bad General Manager – doh!

(Here are some unofficial pictures from the Cast photographs with Ipswich Building Society Chief Executive – Paul Winter.  Warning these photos contain some excellent pointing – Phil went to all his pointing classes at drama school -, a fine WW2 ‘tash and some quite extraordinary facial expressions….)


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