Tablets et al

We’ve been having some lively discussions in the Eastern Angles office recently about how we might be able to use tablets (I Pads, Galaxy Tab etc) when we’re out on rural tour.  Even got talked about  over croissants at @15queenstreet   Lots of great ideas floating around but then comes the tricky part – justifying the cost in ever reducing budgets…

…so I thought before I get stuck on that though I’d post and see how other people are using tablets in similar situations, whether people are already using them in similar ways or indeed have similar ideas.

Here’s how we’ve been thinking a tablet might be used:-

Pre show

– provides a ready made rolling front of house display

– people can access show related ‘content’  – podcasts, trailers, additional information.


– as above plus sign up for the Copperfield programme (our newest donation scheme for audiences)

– sign up to the mailing list

– method of booking tickets for future Eastern Angles shows

Post show

– evaluation mode (trapping data, 5 question survey from an audience sample)

During the show itself

– use the tablet instead of sur titles (which are often impractical in terms of rural touring).  So instead of reading a sur title the text gets ‘sent’ to the tablet via a network which is then read by the audience member on a low glare / reveresed out( white on black screen).

But the questions we find ourselves asking are:-

– Is anyone else using tablets in this way – who we could learn from?

– Are tablets the most effective way of achieving these things – if not what are other people using – if yes – android or galaxy

– how else are people using them?

– who would people recommend to help us ‘build’ the right software solution

Then there is the million dollar question – will we be able to afford it?


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