The twitterati reviews are in….

I’ve often heard myself murmur ‘I really like twitter but I’m not entirely sure I’ve worked out how to use it yet’. Well I certainly saw at first hand the power of twitter at last night’s opening performance of #Roundthetwist.

A cobweb laden bride

For more of Mike Kwasniak’s pictures from the show see here

Gone clearly are the days of waiting for the reviews to come in. In fact the twitteratti didn’t even wait to the end of the show. #intervaltweets started coming in at half time as the audience stood in a somber line for a glass of gruel. ‘Dickens will never be the same again’ tweeted @glenpearce1 to which @wendyfizzwig added ‘I have no idea what’s happening but it’s great’

It was though after the show that the flood gates opened. ‘Quite simply ‘brilliant’ tweeted @markfizzwig, ‘Brilliantly funny alternative parody show. Don’t miss!’’ was @paul_couch ‘s take. Taking his lead from the show @Fridaywhitey said ‘Compelled to write a ‘glowing testimonial’ for #roundthetwist. Just been to the first night…fantastic..well done to all’. Running with the Dickens theme @maddogcaddabs added ‘Really enjoyed #roundthetwist last night. Very funny and great cast. Please sir, may I have some more’

Not to be out done members of the press were joining in too. ‘thoroughly enjoyed Round the Twist @easternangles Xmas offering laugh out loud funny go see it’ was the view of @ipswich24mag. Public reviews @glenpearce 1 (who had to endure interviewing me here) tweeted ‘Round The Twist totally insane but sets bar high for other festive shows’ (@glenpearce1). BBC Radio Suffolk’s Lesley Dolphin had this to say ‘My Christmas has just started – Round the Twist with Eastern Angles. Totally mad but very funny’ whilst her colleague @markglennmurphy ‘Don’t ask me to explain it, you have to see for yourself! Well done guys, amazing performance!’

No wonder @angelaaallman tweeted ‘You must have been good tonight @easternangles – you’re filling up my timeline;-))’.

Big thank you to all the audience who made last night such a hoot (and not just the twitter folk!) – and an even bigger hurrah for the cast and crew behind #RoundtheTwist. Suspect one Charles Dickens would have been chortling away into his beard all the way through the show. But for now its time to switch focus to our other project running concurrently with #Roundthetwist – Joel Horwood’s #IheartPeterborough.

Two extremes certainly – but all in a days work at @easternangles!


One thought on “The twitterati reviews are in….

  1. As most people are aware I am a huge fan (okay, addict!) of twitter and it is a very powerful communication tool. I have had many doors opened because of twitter, experienced many things that I would not have known about if it wasn’t for twitter and have been lucky enough to have met some wonderful locals.

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