Nothing Slack about Slack Space

With our usual rehearsal space needed for Wivenhoe’s Rememberance Sunday celebrations the @wivenhoepantomime group headed off to Colchester … and to Slack Space.

But just to be clear..there is nothing whatsoever slack about Slack Space. This extraordinary project has been breathing life into empty shop spaces throughout Colchester and has been at the fore front of a movement which defies the recession and embodies the spirit of ‘**** it, lets do it’ which some politicians have coined as the big society.

It was perhaps a surprise that more of the cast hadn’t been there before. This dialogue happened right at the start of the rehearsal:-

Chorus Member – Isn’t this a shoe shop
Moi – well yes it was
Tom (my assistant director and choreographer) – and you can have any shoes you want from in here …as long as you draw them.

Perhaps it would inspire us to greater things. Certainly it was great to see the cast taking time to explore the art work around the walls. We even rehearsed under one…

[panto group at full strecth in Slack Space]

Unfortunately that creative spirit didn’t rub off on Mr Director who had successfully left his script back at the Congragational Hall. One wonders what the resident playgroup will have made of it – its probably a collage by now – in fact it might even be on its way to adorn the walls of Slack Space.

Thankfully the cast were on far better form – stuttering and stumbling there way through all of Act One – with all the singing bits in too! Even at this early stage some lovely moments and strong performances are emerging. Special bravo to those cast members (you know who you are) who’d been brave enough to get ‘off book’

We all left singing our Robin Hood’s theme tune – you’ll know it – but you wont have associated it with Robin Hood before!!! To find out what it is you’ll have to beg, steal or borrow a ticket and they go on sale very soon

Robin Hood by the Wivenhoe Panto Group

[Robing Hood Poster]


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