Dickens Twist Ale Quest – Volume 4

The #Dickenstwist ale quest has gone – well – rather quiet of late. It would seem that there are less Dickensian ales out there than I expected – but with his bicentenary coming up maybe that will change…

Still some things of note have happened in the last few days. Joel Sams – one of the #Roundthetwist company has named Adnams Explorer as his ale of then week. You can read his blog here – and hear his video blog here.

After a slightly dodgy start (where I was left wallowing in my naivety) @Beerggglsreview dropped a few thoughts:-

‘On a more serious note’ he began his twitter essay ‘there is a Dickens pub on Katherine Dock. Its usually packed to plastic rafters with suits and cameras but just down the road in Wapping Lane (or rd) there is The Prospect of Whitby Informal, cosy, historic. Dickens was a regular (apparently he was fond of a glass of porter or two) and its said to have been part inspiration for a number of scenes in Oliver Twist – not surprising given its location right on the Thames (Pronounced tems because that’s how Prince Albert said fames).

@Beerggglsreview suggests that the Oliver Twist and Artful Dodger first meeting happened under it – and certainly the angel of (mis)truth – google – seems to agree that the Prospect was where young Oliver and the Dodger would often end up after a hard day of thieving regale themselves….not something I’ encourage in young Oliver Nicklefield of #Roundthetwist obviously.

Apparently The Prospect of Whitby is also famous for Judge Jeffries – a notorious hanging judge – who would regularly watch his victims go to their deaths from the gallows adjoining the pub, while he supped.’ How terribly pleasant!

Thankfully #Roundthetwists convict Magpie only got transportation – obviously Judge Jeffries was otherwise engaged that day [or maybe dead…ed]. Safely back on these shores he now spends his lunch time fetching chocolate fingers for the @easternangles admin staff – a kind of community service.

Just to round things off (clearly on a roll) @beergglsreview added that the street furniture surrounding The Prospect of Whitby includes ships guns and cannons.

Meanwhile @tendringCAMRA went wonderfully obscure with the news that Cambridge pub The Clarendon Arms was established the year that Dickens was born. Wonder how many novels have been written inside its four walls?

So it seems that the #Dickenstwist ale quest has – through its own great expectations – spread its wings. Not only focusing on Dickensian ales but also fine drinking houses with Dickens connections – pubs with glowing testimonials only please…..as usual recommendations can be placed as comments on the blog or by using the #dickenstwist

[If your wondering what all this Dickensian fuss is about – this years @EasternAngles Christmas show is a deliciously wordy Dickensian spoof called Round the Twist. Come and see it and you’ll never be able to read a Dickens novel in the same light again….and I’m sure the great man himself would approve. In fact I think thats him I can hear murmuring textual improvements into his beard down at The Prospect of Whitby…]

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