What makes grown men stop and stare!

Amusing moment at the start of day 6 of rehearsals for #Roundthetwist.

At a few minutes to ten a web cam in the SJM would have picked up five blokes staring at a table in the middle of the stage. On that table running round and round was a small wind up engine, tender and Pullman Carriage. Who’d have thought that something going round and round endlessly would have so engrossed five grown men.

But it did..

[The Guilty Object – shown here cruelly bereft of its unique track]

The silence was only broken by our designer Ian saying ‘ of course somebodies bound to complain that that kind of engine wasn’t around then’

‘Or that the livery is wrong’ I piped up ‘ Green was Southern – not sure what Eastern was’

Our production manager – Steve – quietly coughed. ‘Erm Mr Linley you seem to be demonstrating a slightly geeky level of knowledge there. Something you want to tell us…’

Shamefully I was heard to utter ‘oh my dad is a big steam train fan’…and I exited stage left to go and make a cup of tea.


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