Volume 3 of the #Dickenstwist ale quest

Our next entry on the utterly inconsequential but strangely addictive #Dickenstwist quest to find all the ales with Dickens links comes courtesy of Wivenhoe’s Queen of Comedy – Hazel ‘Funny Farm’ Humphries.

And did I say Hazel runs a mighty fine comedy club – you can find info about it here – and whats more she also wrote the script for Wivenhoe’s (nearly) award winning panto group [ahem we must update this page!] – and does plenty else besides so follow her on twitter (@hazelfunnyfarm) …go on, do it! NOW!!!!

Her list includes Peggotty’s Porter, a Pickwick Ale, Old Fezziwig (from A Christmas Carol) and Bah Humbug (also from A Christmas Carol – a saying (obviously) and not a character).

Peggotty’s Porter (from Mauldons) got an honourable mention in a previous post – but having just re read the script of #RoundtheTwist one could introduce a drinking game which would involve taking a deep glug every time a derivation of Peggotty was mentioned – and believe me there are quite a few. Of course this being theatre you’d have to do it very unobtrusively and without any fuss or disturbance.

Pickwick is of course the kind, wealthy and old gentleman to be found within the pages of Mr Dickens first novel The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. He was also the subject of Eastern Angles first ever Christmas show – some twenty years ago.

However the Pickwick Ale is instantly dismissed from the honourable company of fine ales for being brewed in Boston, USA. Harsh I know, but fair!

Old Fezziwig is a great name (should I reach the grand old age of 80 I’d be delighted if the youth born in 2040 nicknamed me such and I’d happily host a ridiculous Christmas ball on an annual basis in return) but its also another American beer. But this time a beer with a video! Still doesn’t prevent its fate…mind if #roundthetwist ‘s aged P (and believe me he is aged) were to ever emerge from his bath chair I suspect he might be a little partial to an odd glass of Old Fezziwig..but if that happened no work would get done whatsoever.

As news reached me today that @easternangles foyer will be adorned with a Christmas tree by mid November Bah Humbug is what I will be uttering every day for the foreseeable future. Thankfully I could also resort to an ale of the same name from Whycwood (purveyors of Hobgolblin, Whycraft and the like). I’ll be off to iron my Bah Humbug T Shirt in readyness…

But before I do I’m getting thirsty – I reckon its about time I found some Dickensian ale to drink…so which are the pubs in Ipswich or the Colchester area with a Dickensian themed ale for me to supp?

If you’ve been following the quest so far here is a quick update of where we’ve got to…

Pickwick Ale (disqualified). Old Fezziwig (disqualified) Bah Humbug and second mention for Peggprty’s Porter [post above]
Bumble the Beadle Beer/Ebenezer Ale (an ale for the general manager) [read about them here]Itchen Valley’s FAGINS / Mauldon’s DICKENS (oliver nicklefield’s favourite), MICAWBER’S MILD (Foggotty’s favourite), PEGGOTTY’s PORTER, PICKWICK & EATONSWILL [read about them here]

Join in the quest…post your suggestions on twitter at #dickenstwist or leave a comment on the blog…..


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