The quest for the #dickenstwist ale

[Let the Giggles Begin – mid way through the Round the Twist read through Gabrielle Douglas pictured]

Arrived home from the first read through of @Easternangles Christmas play with a difference – Round the Twist ( a Dickensian spoof) (described by @Glenpearce1 as ‘the enfant terrible of Christmas shows – always good for a skewed look [at the festive season]). On the door mat was the latest issue of Beer magazine. Flicking through my eye was caught by this image:-


And its associated article ‘Pardon the Fun – Are punning pump clips painful and smutty beer names simply sordid?’. Now I like a good pun every now and then (which is a good job – as #RoundtheTwist is stacked full of ’em – got its fair share of Dickensian smut too – thats why its a family show for over 25’s….!!!!).

So needless to say I put two and two together and got fifty – and started – at about 11pm at night the #dickenstwist ale quest – a ridiculous, pointless search for all the UK ales with a Dickens theme. Now I’m not suggesting I’m going to try and find…and then drink the lot….but I might give it a damm good go. After all #RoundtheTwist doesn’t come to an end until 28 January.

A quick glance at the brochure for the 25th Chappel Beer Festival reveals the first contenders…

Itchen Valley (of Hampshire) have a FAGINS ale – a copper coloured best bitter brewed with three different styles of hops. Its available in bottles from here

Mauldon’s of Sudbury Suffolk have several possibilities. There is Dickens itself – a light fruity beer with hoppy nose – surely the beer of choice of Oliver Nicklefield – the narrator and author of #Roundthetwist. Its one of their seasonal beers alongside Peggotty’s Porter, Pickwick and Eatonswill Old. Eatonswill Old is – apparently – the name Dickens gave to Sudbury. Or at least thats what @mitcheladams licensee of the @thatchersarms tells me and I’m not questioning his authority!

Perhaps Foggotty – minder of the Old Curiosity Shop in #RoundtheTwist might be tempted by a pint or two of one of Mauldons core beers Micawber’s Mild a dark mild for dark times when the bills just keep on coming!!!

Got any other Dickens themed suggestions for my pointless quest? Please do post them as a comment or tweet using the #dickenstwist hash tag!!!

[The @easternangles #roundthetwist company – all in search of a Dickensian beer!]


4 thoughts on “The quest for the #dickenstwist ale

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  2. Found a few off the top of my head…

    Peggotty’s Porter (David Copperfield)

    Pickwick Ale

    Old Fezziwig (A Christmas Carol)

    Bah Humbug (A Christmas Carol)

    Badger (Bleak House)

    Also have seen a Fagan beer but can’t find a link.

    Although I’m guessing Estrella Damm for Estella (Great Expectations) would be pushing it….

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