#Dickenstwist – the quest continues…

courtesy of the very honourable @Jason_Cobb.

Jason has unearthed Bumble the Beadle Beer. Mr Bumble is of course the parish beadle (a minor church official) in Oliver Twist; “a fat man, and a choleric (cranky show-off) [with] a great idea of his oratorical powers and his importance.” “He had a decided propensity for bullying: derived no inconsiderable pleasure from the exercise of petty cruelty; and, consequently, was (it is needless to say) a coward.” Pretty easy to guess which side he would have been on in the #occupyLondon debarcle at @stpaulslondon. The beadle continually threatens to appear throughout #roundthetwist…but never quite makes it. As a foot note local Peterborough legend (where #roundthetwist plays in January) has it that the Wortley Almshouses were visited by one Charles Dickens and inspired the workhouses of Oliver Twist. Appropriately enough they are now a pub….here it is picking up a CAMRA award.

As to the beer – well there are tasting notes here which as a golden pale ale suggests the bumble reference is more to the bee variety…

More obvious is Ebenezer Ale which is apparently brewed in the US which surely rules it out from the quest. You can find tasting notes here . Ebenezer fails to make an appearance in #Roundthetwist as well – but as the company bean counter perhaps I should associate myself with that one.

So to date – here is our #Dickenstwist ales quest list….

Bumble the Beadle Beer/Ebenezer Ale (an ale for the general manager) [this post]
Itchen Valley’s FAGINS / Mauldon’s DICKENS (oliver nicklefield’s favourite), MICAWBER’S MILD (Foggotty’s favourite), PEGGOTTY’s PORTER, PICKWICK & EATONSWILL [read about them here]

AS ever if you know of – or find – any Dickens related ales do post them as comments to the blog or tweet using the #dickenstwist


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