Don’t squash this ant – its an image of perfection

Not so long back the Vortex hosted a pair of artists which Phrased & Confused can claim some credit in bringing together.

For a number of years now STUART SILVER has been the creative mentor and film maker behind Phrased & Confused. For all his work behind the scenes its easy to forget that Stuart is an extraordinary and beautiful wordsmith and artist in his own right.

It’s hard to describe ‘You Look Like Ants’. Theres one man, one ukulele and an awful lot of words. There’s a rabbit and Mark Knopfler. Theres David Hasselhoff and Richard and Judy. There’s even a book pillow. It’s an extraordinary stream of consciousness which draws you into a strange, strange word and holds you there rapt. By turns hilarious and bizarre the overall effect is – as I tweeted at the time- ‘bloody brilliant’.

Standing Head and Shoulders above the rest – the ant that is A Stuart Silver!

You can see Stuart’s extraordinary ‘You Look Like Ants’ at the Soho Theatre for a very limited run for the rest of this month. I urge you to go – and when in doubt – defend, defend, defend!

PS who was performinng with Stuart that night…well thats another blog post to come!
PPS I hate one man shows…You Look Like Ants has forced me to re think…but then again I dont think Ive ever seen anything quite like it before!


2 thoughts on “Don’t squash this ant – its an image of perfection

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