Time to audition?

Rain may be dampening the spirits but with the 20-20 finals day announcing the start of the silly season it can only mean one thing – panto time is almost upon us!

‘O no its not’ says a voice from the wings (aka the Greyhound) @wivpanto doesn’t come around until January.

Which is, I guess, strictly true but believe it or not auditions are just around the corner! It’s Wednesday evening (31 August) at 7pm for principal roles and Sunday the 4th September at 3pm for smaller and chorus parts. Both are taking place at the congregational hall.

This year is going to be the battle of the Hoods – as both Wivenhoe Panto group and the New Wolsey tackle the classic tale of Robin Hood. But which Marion will be the fairer, which Robin the cheekier? Will the Sherriff of Nottage-ham be more dastardly than his Ipswich counterpart and – the question on every-ones lips – which dame’s bloomers will be the most outlandish?

[Robin Hood- he’s looking for you]

Well that’s where you could help! Have you been overlooked by the casting director of the New Wolsey? Do you have a latent theatrical bent which you need to unleash? Or simply want a bit of fun as the nights close in…. If you can answer yes to any of these questions then why not audition?

We rehearse on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons through from the end of September to our performance dates in January. Principal roles are needed most rehearsals whilst other roles and chorus members are generally required on Sundays and some Wednesdays – you can get more info from wivpantogroup@googlemail.com.


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