It doesn’t get more glamorous than this -live on Radio Leicester!

This is the second of my posts for the Phrased & Confused web site!

Two of the most unlikely looking Summer Sundae attenders dragged us kicking and screaming from the comfort of the P&C library tent on Sunday and pointed microphones in our faces!

Tony Wadsworth resplendent in a loud striped jacket which wouldnt have been out of place in Wimbledon and John Florence looking ever so slightly bemused are both Radio Leicester stalwarts and were broadcasting their show live from the festival! They were quite a vivid contrast to the McFly fans thats for sure!!

Our conversation was shall we say a little unusual. It started with me handcuffing John Florence (sic) and moved rapidly onto a discussion of my hat! I for one never thought Gilbert and Sullivan, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Elton John would be mentioned in the same conversation as Phrased & Confused – but hey there is always a first time.

You can listen to the full interview here!

Tony and John’s full programme is available on line for the next five days by clicking on the link here – and the Radio Leicester home page can be found here


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