P&C back at Summer Sundae

Gosh its been a while since Ive posted in here – and all of a sudden there is an awful lot to blog about!

Anyway lets kick off with today’s annoucement that thanks to the National Lottery, via the Arts Council of England the wonderful Phrased & Confused is returning to the equally wonderful Summer Sundae Festival. You can read about it on the front page of their website here

Just as a wee reminder heres what P&C at Summer Sundae 2009 looked like…

Phrased & Confused Festival Stage. Summer Sundae Weekender 2009 from stuart silver on Vimeo.

And naturally 2011 is going to be even better!!! And if thats enough we should be announcing in the next couple of weeks the two further strands to this years Phrased & Confused project. Its like a garden fork you see – with three prongs delving deep into a poetical compost heap – that will (we hope) produce a fabulous array!

Anyway enough of that and back to Summer Sundae. Here are some (semi) official words:-

‘We’re really excited to announce that Phrased & Confused is going back to Summer Sundae Weekender this year. And after two years in the Village tent this year is going to see us doing something just a little different….

…. we will be working our poetical magic across the festival site, taking custody of the Cabaret tent for a few hours each day, as well as turning our attention to the new Band Stand Stage. Look out too for a brand new P&C Library tent in the Garden area, where you’ll be able to indulge in all manner of chilled out loveliness. Also on the cards, another first – Summer Sundae’s first ever Poet In residence – plus the usual faves P&C regulars will remember – the bizarrely popular and strangely titled poetry fridge magnet competition and the daily P&C podcasts.

Of course we’ll be maintaining our commitment to new spoken word with four new commissions, all of them exploring the theme of protest. This year’s commissioned artists are Laura Dockrill (shes only doing two festivals this year and P&C/Summer Sundae is one of them – hurrah!),

Ben Mellor (seen here in his timely tribute to Gill Scott Heron whose spirit I’m sure will be fresh in all our memories during the festival),

Yusra Warsama (seen here performing for Apples and Snakes)

And finally Shane Solanki (who incidentally performed with Yusra in the play Oceans Apart – heaven knows what they will get up to in Leicester). Anyway here is Shane with his band Last Mango in Paris v Bellatrix – who also happens to be a key member of Dizreali and the Small Gods who are also on the Summer Sundae bill!

And just for a rather close to the edge chuckle why not check this companion piece shot in New York with Shane taking to the streets as Jolene the cream sales woman with some very interesting results!

Will these delicate flowers blooms in the compost of P&C? You’ll just have to keep on coming back to the site for more about them, their commissions and of course the rest of the programme! You can follow us on twitter at @Phrandconfused (I’m on @matthewlinley of course) and we’ll be keeping this site regularly updated with all the news, views and just a little bit of juicy gossip too!

Will we be seeing you there – do let us know if your coming – and spread the word!!!


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