See a show in bed….Tuning Out with Radio Z

On her blog Corrinne Furness writes

“It’s appropriate that Radio Z asks more questions than it answers. I’ve expended hundreds of words on it and I haven’t really gotten on to those sleeping people, or the moment I realised that there was a retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice going on, or on my take about what the show was about (I’m not saying exactly what this is because I think everyone should be able to make their own version, using their imagination as well as their phones – but I will say that the clue is in the title). I haven’t written about how interesting I found watching what the director chose to publish on the forum or the fact that though you were allowed to come in and out of the performance I sat through all three hours without once feeling the need to move. I haven’t even written about fear or joy or pain, all of which Radio Z evoked for me.”

Well Radio Z is making its way to Dartington on Thursday 14 April … and in one of the most intriguingly worded riders we have to provide FOUR SLEEPERS…or as Corrine puts it those sleeping people….

So if you’ve ever fancied dozing whilst watching a show (and lets face it who hasn’t) and your around in Dartington on Thursday and would like to see Tuning Out With Radio Z (thats the Stans Cafe page for the show – gives you a bit more info) for free then get in touch (on

What will you be doing? Apart from sleep (or pretend to be asleep) on four specially constructed beds on stage I cant really say…and thankfully Corrinne doesn’t give it away either!


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