BURLESQUE – we have our first batch of sponsors

Big thank you to our first batch of sponsors.

As reported earler on this blog we’re using the wonderful folks at www.wedidthis.org.uk to help raise £4,000 towards a full production of Murray Lachlan Young’s new play BURLESQUE. Individual donors can support the project by sponosring a word, a line, a verse or a character! There is even a VIP package. You can find out more here.

Ms M Knight of Haywards Heath became our first line sponsor and as a result gets the very first line of BURLESQUE. In fact because we’re feeling generous she gets to sponsor the first two lines…which are

Have you got the wood in Gordy /
The Champagne will freeze if it stays out there

Mrs Knight was rapidly followed by Hamish Young who gets to sponsor the retort

Yes, yes and yes, I am on to it now
Will I die in the harness and yoked to the plough?

Up next is ‘I hope you’re not getting pissed down there Gordy? – you can sponsor it for just £20!!

Mind as Murray quite rightly points out the play is still evolving so lines may change! But rest assured there are plenty of lines to support [theres 85 pages of about 25 lines each if you want to be precise about it] So why not think about it and get involved by visiting the site here.

If you sponsor a line we’ll send you (after we have reached our target) your own signed certificate containing the lines you’ve sponsored! Visit our crowd fundraising page here to find out more!!

Today (Thursday) has also seen our first VIP sponser – Ms J Payne. VIPs get an invite to the exclusive first rehearsed reading of the play (on April 19th in London), a signed copy of the text and the opportunity to meet the cast. O and our unending gratitude too!

Thanks to our sponsors so far:-

VIP packages
Ms J Payne

Verse Sponsors £75 (includes Murray reading the verse especially for the sponsor)
Mr Ed Whitting – ‘And the two brave knights’ etc
Mr Marc Lines – ‘Ok Julia just sit up very slowly’ etc

Line Sponsors £20
Ms M Knight – Have you got the wood in Gordy….
Mr H Young – Yes, yes and yes I am on to it now…

Word Sponsors £10
Mrs Helen Taylor – WOOD
Mrs Boudicca Lee Maloney Woodland -CHAMPAGNE

(Please note certificates and MP3 recordings are all sent out in one batch after the end of the funding period at the beginning of May)


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