Pushing On

Blog IV of IV on the recent two day residency focusing on Murray Lachlan Young’s new script – BURLESQUE

(from l to r – Paul Jepson, Mary Woodvine. Photo Kate Mount)

Friday afternoon and with the clock ticking there is a real sense of urgency in the rehearsal room. Mary Woodvine has to leave at 4pm as she’s performing a selection of Nic Darke’s plays in Helston (through Carn to Cove who helped promote Murray’s recent Quest for the West tour). We’re focusing in now on the end of Act I and the start of Act II.

After just 27 hours there is already a strong dynamic emerging between the four actors. I find myself listening to four fully rounded and dysfunctional people exposing their vices in verse. At first read through their actions seemed farcical – now the absurdity is still there but it seems far more real and in many ways logical. All the actings being done in the eyes – and I can feel myself being swept away, believing in the world of Celia, Zaccy, Julia and Gordon.

Its a privilege to be in the room.

Then at 5pm Paul calls proceedings to a close. Murray is heading off to spend two weeks editing, updating and re-drafting the text. There is excitement and a sense of anticipation as everyone looks forward to the next two development days which culminate in a rehearsed reading on April 19th.

Thanks to Murrays words, the rigour of Paul’s interrogation and the talent of our cast in a very small amount of time we’ve made giant steps. Its helped too being able to explore the text in an environment like Dartington. Over the last 12 months Ive often found myself talking about how Dartington is a great place to make work – its isolation is perfect for focus, its rural tranquillity providing the perfect antidote or break from the creative process. Over the last 36 hours I’ve personally been able to experience how true that is

A process that started in January at Beaford Arts has gained real momentum over the last couple of days. Roll on the next stage….

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The development process of Burlesque is supported by Arts Council South West and partners Beaford Arts, Dartington and the Works.


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