Cepheus – a review

Not long now before we can announce the tour dates for Cepheus in May 2011 – but just before then here is a review of the piece after its premiere in Zagreb:-

“Sphere Theatre’s” opening at Theatre &TD

by Bojan Munjin

edited text from a translation by Natasha Stanic


In “Cepheus”, a performance about the rebellion by Zagreb youth against the Austro-Hungarian regime, Damir Bartol Indos is  interested in the spirit of resistance in a failing society such as ours

 Damir Bartol Indos’ “Cepheus”, which came about as a co-operation with Tanja Vrvilo at Theatre &TD – possesses all the qualities and maturity of this avant-garde director  whose theatre work and creative freshness have been felt for the last 35 years. As an artist he has remained intellectually unbowed and committed to his radical theatre expression.  And whilst “Cepheus” talks about the first political assassination in Zagreb  Indos and his ensemble are actually more interested in the revolutionary spirit in a failing society such as ours rather than one specific event.

Revolutionary Stage Haiku

The performance is composed in the way Indos and “Sphere Theatre” usually work:  on  stage  it all looks like a lab where a trip to the Moon is being prepared, but will never happen.   The end result, though,  is not important to Indos. What is important is the human right to disagree, to challenge  and an individuals right to “follow your own star”.

“Cepheus” – about Zagreb’s rebellions – flows as a kaleidoscope of chipped pieces , mixed with suspicious sounds and peculiar actions, that don’t have a logical order.  The narrative seems to have gone out of sync –  like a tough memory, but one which doesn’t lack dignity and pride. The revolutionary stage Haiku is made up of suicidal gestures and the workman’s sweat of Damir  as well as the esthetical and conspiratorial solidarity of the rest of the ensemble.

Apart from Tanja Vrvilo, Vili Matula (the leading Croatian actor) joins the ensemble together with Nikolina Majdek, Adriana Josipovic, Kate Marusic, Miro Manojlovic and Damir Prica – the man behind the piano in the most of the “Sphere’s” projects.

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