Sonic Journey #2

OK so this is very, very exciting.

In partnership with Beaford Arts and Sound UK Dartington are commissioning Shackleton and Vengeance Tenfold to create two new pieces of music inspired by two stunning train journies in Devon.

The music will be available to download from April 8 (until 31 August) and whilst you can simply enjoy the soundscape that the two artists have created the very best way is to download the music to your MP3 player, go on the journeys yourself and press play at the appropriate point!

And with Shackleton’s new ‘awe inspiring’ Fabric 55 release still fresh (you can read a review here ) there couldn’t be a more exciting time to be working with him and his Exeter based collaborator and spoken word artist Vengeance Tenfold.

And lets face it the two contrasting but equally beautifully stretches of railway (one heading North from Exeter to Barnstaple the other South West towards Totnes) are just crying out to be musically interpreted. Never heard a Shackleton track before?- heres an appropriately named track   ‘Theres a slow train coming’

This project is great for so many reasons

– Its free for everyone – anyone with a computer can download the track and enjoy
– So as well at the loyal audiences for the work of Dartington and Beaford I really hope that Shackleton: Sonic Journey will be listened to enjoyed by thousands of others!
– The best way to enjoy it is on a train – simply the best and most sustainable way to travel long distances. I personally hope that the project might just encourage a few people to experience the thrill of those journies for the first time.
– The project crosses North and South Devon – linking Dartington with Beaford, the GeoPark in the South and the Biosphere in the North – using the arts (music specifically) to highlight the amazing environment we have here in Devon
– Its a project that could be enjoyed in so many different ways – from a lazy Sunday afternoon journey with a cheeky drink to an inspiring way to start a daily commute.
– And with many of the visitors to Dartington (whether it be for the Tagore Festival, Summer School, Home, Ways with Words as well as the many conferences, events and marriages the hall hosts) using the Great Western line to get here I hope the sound track will be a perfect introduction to Dartington and its work.

It’s also great to be working with producer Maija Handover on this project. Maija was one of the New Music Plus producers (London) – a scheme run by the hub on behalf of the PRS Foundation. The first sonic journey – featuring Will Gregory and hosted by the Big Chill – was developed during her time on the scheme. Prior to that Maija – together with her business partner Polly Eldridge had brought Kimmo Pohjonen extraordinary Earth Machine Music to Beaford – an event which took place in Westcott Barn in 2008 and is still being talked about today!

(photo credit – Dave Green –

But back to Sonic Journey – Shackleton and Vengeance Tenfold are currently locked away in a studio creating what I know are going to be two quite extra ordinary works. So do keep an eye on the sonic journey web site for all the latest news (and announcements of another sonic journey happening somewhere in London about the same time!). You can find out more about the Tarka Line here, the wonderful Tarka Ale trail here and details of train services operated by First Great Western here


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