Random Post it Thoughts IV – The future of small scale venues


In the early days of developing Phoenix Square we went on a fact finding exhibition to FACT – then being led by Eddie Berg (now at the BFI)

Over coffee I pushed Eddie on why he wanted to move from a non building based organisation that could create work anywhere across the city, which was lean, could focus resource on the art itself and which had no building overheads into a brand new building. Surely a building was limiting?

Eddie’s answer was frank and clear..

firstly every project took far longer than it needed to – finding a site, getting the appropriate permissions, making it work was all a major headache. We can do more and be much more effective in our own space

secondly you practically start from scratch with each project in developing an audience. With a building you can really build brand loyalty – it provides a central focus for what youdo, makes a clear statement

So definitely not a burden then!

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