Random post it thought II – The future of small scale venues


Reading Bill Drummonds 17 (thanks to @sounduk). ‘

‘All recorded music has run its course.
It has all been consumed, traded, downloaded, understood, heard before, sampled, learned, revised, judged and found wanting.
Dispense with all previous forms of music and music making now
Year zero now’

(you can find out more about the project here )

I’m not sure how this is relevant – but its underlying theme of finding new ways of doing things, of change and immediacy race through my mind. And ultimately its clarion call ‘ dare to think differently’

The Observer features the Bright Young things changing theatre. Talk of the shared space between performer and audience, breaking rules, creating alternative communities that put collaboration at the heart of their ethos, immersive theatre, social networking,authenticity and Punchdrunk are rife.


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