More Murray video and article in Cornwall Today

Lovely morning in Cornwall – yesterdays sea fret has lifted and as a result the sea looks beautiful. Picked up my copy of Cornwall Today in our local cost cutter – complete with articles on National Trust Winter gardens, lamorna Cove, Virginia Woolf – and making it onto the cover in fine style – none other than Murray Lachlan Young.

Here is a heavily edited extract from Sarah-Jayne Levertons article. You can read the full thing by getting hold of a copy of the magazine (its on p158) from a Cornsih newsagent – or subscribe here.

Murray Lachlan Young is not your stereotypical pet. Satirical, witty and wholly modern, he has had TV and radio appearances in both the UK and America, and has worked with some of the biggest names in music. But now settled in St Levan, Cornwall, he has a very different, very personal aspiration ahead of him – to create a poem for Cornwall.

Murray first became recognised when he made his name on the underground music and cabaret scene in the mid-Nineties….

‘It was mad’ exclaims Murray. ‘Suddenly I was getting picked up in limousines and leading a rock and roll lifestyle. It was a whole different world from what I was used to’.

Murray now lives a very different life style from that of his early years. Settled in a remote Cornish village with his two young sons, he has set his sights on a different target – producing a unique poem for Cornwall.

‘Everywhere needs a poem’ he explains ‘ Cornwall has a very unique sense of identity, and I want to capture that. I’ve lived here for six years now and my home is right on the coast path so I go walking, wild swimming camping. I absolutely love the surfing. My children are growing up here and go to the local school. This will be my personal tribute to a very special place.

Murray is currently preparing for a month-long tour of the West Country where he will combine his childrens show Modern Cautionary Tales for Children with adult poetry evenings. These evenings, he explains, are very different from traditional readings. ‘I call it stand up poetry. I go to work on your ears, your brain and your funny bones. It’s meant to be satirical, amusing. It’s great fun, and I hugely enjoy what I do’.

During his tour Murray will search for inspiration for his poem. ‘It will be difficult thing to do and keep everyone happy. The most important aspects of the search will be combining my own thoughts and experiences with those of the people I meet while I’m on the road. I want to create something completely original. I’m keen to avoid cliches without throwing away core aspects of what Cornwall is all about’

Despite his success, his fame and the thousands of poems he has written, Murray still has a real love and passion for his poetry. ‘People and places inspire me. I will never lose my fascination with observing the behaviour of individuals and groups, seeing all the things we attach importance to and how we distract ourselves from the key issues in our lives. Poetry helps me focus on the bigger picture by making me observe the little things – at least most of the time.’

Not at all about Cornwall – but just to whet your appetite here is another extract from that Exeter Phoenix show back in January 2010:-


And those Quest for the West tour dates:-

January 27th Broomhill Art Hotel, Barnstaple 8pm We Got Tickets here
January 28th Barrel House, Totnes 8pm We Got Tickets here
January 30th Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter 8pm We Got Tickets here
February 2nd Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury 8pm We Got Tickets here
February 4th Calstock Old Chapel*, Calstock 8pm reserve tickets at
February 5th Falmouth Old Poly*, Falmouth 8pm tickets here
February 8th The Arts Club, St Ives 8pm, We Got Tickets here
February 9th Liskerett Community Centre We Got Tickets here
February 10th Shire Horse Suite, Bodmin We Got Tickets here
February 12th Acorn Arts Centre, Penzance We Got Tickets here
February 13th Bath Komedia*, 8pm An Alternative Valantines Special tickets here

Murray Lachlan Young – Modern Cautionary Tales for Children II

January 29th Barn Theatre, Dartington 2pm Tickets from here
January 30th Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter 2pm Tickets from here
February 5th Falmouth Old Poly, Falmouth 2pm. Tickets from here
February 12th Acorn Arts Centre, Penzance 2pm. Tickets from We Got Tickets – tickets from here


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