Cepheus a UK tour for May 2011

I’m delighted to be putting together another tour with Croatian Artists. In 2008 I toured BADco -who featured Damir Bartol INDOS. DB INDOS was unforgettable – not just because our elaborate plan for picking him up at Heathrow failed but mainly for his extraordinary portrayal of a crazed mad man in memories are made of this. Now with the help of the Croatian Ministry of Culture we are bringing DB Indos and his company – The House of Extreme Music Theatre – to the UK in May 2011.

To start off with here is some basic information. I’d love to know what you think!


Its Zagreb 1912 and young students and writers are rising against the the Empire of the Two-Headed Eagle. But from the start the enterprise is doomed, with tragic concequences for the hot headed leaders.

Spring 2011 and the Croatian theatrical innovator DB Indos, together with his company The House of Extreme Music Theatre, use the uprising and its aftermath as a starting point for their new work Cepheus

The stage is framed by an enlarged sketch of the cell of the left wing writer August Cesarec . Eight performers play a range of unusual and treated instruments – (the locksmith sound table, large and small mobile structures of iron springs, cell bars, prepared pianos to name a few). We begin to hear the thoughts of Louis Auguste Blanqui mixed with fragments of text from other prisoners. We are drawn into a visual and sound world which could be both 1912 or 2011.

Layer upon layer the performance builds. Surprising, stimulating and provocative this is European theatre at its very best.

Authors: Damir Indoš Bartol, Tanja Vrvilo

Performers: Vilim Matula, DB Indoš, Tanja Vrvilo, Nikolina Majdak, Adriana Josipović, Kate Marušić, Miro Manojlović, Damir Prica Kafka

The full set of pictures from the premiere performance of Cepheus can be seen here

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Damir Bartol Indoš, was born in 1957 in Zagreb. He studied theatre, literature and philosophy at the University of Zagreb completing a thesis on “Antonin Artaud – Theatre of Cruelty”.

He was one of the main members of the influential neo-avant-garde performance troupe Theatre Kugla / Kugla Glumište and co-created and performed in many of the groups projects (Celebration of Spring, Soft Ships, The White Room, Circus Blue Star, Summer Afternoon).

During the 1980’s – as a pioneer of ‘hard faction’ theatre – DB Indoš created a series of performances with Group Kugla (Gigan Affair, Unshaded Vibrations, Sixth Allelomorf, Zeinimuro, Deer Danger, Rocking I, Subotica and Details of the Resistance, Magellan, Laboren Exercens). Then, as DB Indoš House of Extreme Music Theater, from the 1990s, he created a series of projects and world tours with a variety of foreign and domestic artists and musicians (including Elliott Sharp, Charles Gayle, Helge Hinteregger, Zlatko Buric, Henning Fremann, Pere Motion Yorgens, Nicole Hewitt, Vilim Matula, Ana Karic , Tanja Vrvilo, Emil Matesic, Irma Omerzo and Selma Banich). These works included War Kitchen, The Door, Horse Tail, Son, On Chess and Pain, Laika – The First Dog in the Space, The School Bus, or Conversations with Children, Rocking.

Since 2005, in coproduction with Culture of Change , he has been making performances in collaboration with the actress and film curator Tanja Vrvilo (artistic director of curatorial project Film Mutations: The Festival of Invisible Cinema) which connect the performance styles of alternative performers, actors, dancers and musicians. These works include Chinese Roulette, The Enchantment, Green, Green, Weight Man, The Book of the Dead (co-directed by Zlatko Buric), Anti-Oedipus and now Cepheus.

He has participated in various international theatre festivals in the country and the world (Eurokaz -Zagreb, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Klang Arten Festival Linz, NY Franklin Furnace, Dance Week Festival – Zagreb, Copenhagen – Cultural Capital of Europe 1996, Roskilde Festival, Dartington – Exeter, Cardiff Summer Festival, Tacheles – Berlin, Unikum – Klagenfurt, Szene – Vienna, Euro-scene Leipzig, Unidram – Potsdam, Tanz Quartier – Wien, Translacije – Piotrkow, Wroclaw festival …).

Recent texts on DB Indoš / Kugla Group were published in Croatian and international performance magazines (for instance, Zarez, UP & Underground, Vijenac, Performance Research, Klafter, Frakcija), a book Conversations on the New Theater, numerous reviews and interviews for Radio 101, Kazalištarije.

In the former tool room of the factory Jedinstvo he established a workshop and performance space called Parainstut Indoš. With dance group Bad Co, he re made his seminal work Man Chair and performed in Memories are made of this which toured the UK (produced by Matthew Linley) in 2008.

He is permanent collaborator of Theatre &TD of Student Centre and Center for Dramatic Art in Zagreb, a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association and the association of fine art artists ULUPUH, he was awarded for his contribution to alternative culture in Croatia by City of Zagreb, 2009.

The historical materials which were used for work on this project are based on the research of archival legacy of August Cesarec, from many of his writings related to the assassination attempt, and key texts from newspapers and magazines in the 1912, especially from independent newspapers “Wave” and “Whirlwind” by Vladimir Čerina, progressive newspaper “Movement” to retrospectively written diary by Zora Ruklić and precise analysis of the policy of terror and assassination by writers Janko Polić Kamov and Miroslav Krleža.

Main sources:
Josip Horvat, “Youth Rebellion 1911-1914”, The Legacy of August Cesarec – cell-texts 1912-1913; Indictment of the royal government, Zagreb 1912, Janko Polić Kamov “It takes a wedge to knock in a wedge”, Vladimir Čerina “In the City of the Cynics”, Miroslav Krleža “Assassinations”, Oskar Tartaglia “Freedom”, John Stuart Mill “Speech In Favor of Capital Punishment”, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri “Empire”, Zora Ruklić “From the Diary of a Young Woman” , newspapers of 1912: “Movement”, “Wave”, “Whirlwind”, Louis Auguste Blanqui “Eternity through the stars”, Guy Debord “On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time”, Ivan Chtcheglov “Formulary for a New Urbanism”, Kraftwerk Minimum Maximum.


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