For national poetry day!

murray radcliffe and maconie

As its national poetry day here is 1 audio clip and 1 link from Murray Lachlan Young’s recent forays on to national radio. First up from the Radio 2 Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman is a discussion between Claudia, Murray and Ian McMillan. Murray performs a favourite new (ish) piece about beards – ironic as mine is getting a shave today! Claudia Winkleman also gets rather too excited!!!

You can download the full podcast from here and you’ll find Murray giving forth around 24 minutes in! Well worth a listen!

In the same week Murray joined Radcliffe and Maconie in a raucous discussion about the Rolling Stones, festivals and – erm – cheese! You can listen to the Murray segments by clicking on the link at the top of this post!

Murray is playing the Lowry on Sunday October 24th and theres some south west dates to be announced soon for January and February.


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