South West Music School Graduate Showcase

I’ve been collecting Reasons for the beer loving Dave to forgo the Totnes Beer Festival and come instead to see the South West Music School Graduate Showcase. You can find out more about the gig here ( – and do join in the fun. Tag your reasons4dave on twitter with the #SWMSGS

Here are the reasons so far!

1. You really have to hear the new SWMS album live – recorded at Real World you know!
2. the gig features the VERY best young musicians from across the South West. #SWMSGS
3. You will not believe how good these musicians are unless you see it for yourself. Words cannot describe….
4. Be the first to hear them. You’ll be able to say I saw them first!
5. Its is an amazing diverse programme
6. Harry Smith’s saxophone playing
7. Harriet Riley funking Marimba (scroll down to read more about Harriet here)
8. Tobias Tripp wicked violin playing
9. Josie Newton (check her out on itunes in advance if you don’t believe me)
10. Thomas Harris trumpet is a force….
11. Nathan Bawden kickass drumming
12. Ben and Alfie are playing a couple of new tracks. They’ve not played down here (Totnes) since #home

I’ll keep updating the reasons as they come in!! I reckon Dave is wavering – but a few more reasons to come might force him to press the buy button!

#SWMSGS (it stands for South West Music School Graduate Showcase in case I haven’t made that clear!) promises to be a stonking gig!


One thought on “South West Music School Graduate Showcase

  1. Quote of the day : Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. – Jimi Hendrix –

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