Womad 2010

So here are a few images from WOMAD 2010 using the camera on my aging Google G1

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And here are my notes from the three days:-

Day One
notebook from day 1

Day Two

Day Three (the lazy day!)

But if WOMAD were to be an award ceremony

Most memorable momment
Gill Scott Heron singing ‘I’ll take care of you’ as if he was speaking to us all individually as the sun faded on the main stage.

Wish I’d seen more of….
Calypso Rose – who I only caught three tracks of her set

The band I’m most embarassed to say I loved…
Chumbawumba’s gorgeous set for Radio 3 in the aberetum

Greatest piece of feedback
‘Well he was a bit disappointing really. Great band tho’ … my dad on Rolf harris

Favourite catering stall
The tea and cake place by the Charlie Gillettt stage – wonderful

Biggest missed opportunity
The moving portraits visual arts pieces which seemed to be ghettoised behind the kids tent. Would have been far better dotted around the site. Loved the Melanie Manchot piece Celebration (Cyrpus Street)- reminded me of the film Russian Ark

Sheer Exuberance Award
Staff Benda Billi – nuff said

Best idea
Roots architecture – where four groups built brand new stages to be performed on the Sunday night. The idea of – and developed by Oliver Lowenstein of fourth door research fourthdoor delivered in association with tangentfield. The project produced some beautiful and clever structures (see below)

Thing that should never have been allowed to happen…
Replace the Guardian as preferred press provider with the Independent. Did you see that review they printed….could have been written by a 12 year old.

And the and finally award for artists ill be listening to lots on SPOTIFY in coming weeks goes to (jointly):-

Gabby Young and other animals
Nouvelle Vague
Lepisto & Letti
Dobet Gnahore (I loved her – others not so sure!)
Rupa and the Fishes

(couoldn’t yet gtee they are all on spotify!!!)

And for completeness sake – and at a later date – I might publish details of others blogs and reviews on WOMAD 2010.


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