Summary of Links from #ShiftHappens

With so many resources being referenced during Shift Happens I thought I’d share my list (does anyone have the complete book list? by the way). By all means comment with the ones I’ve missed. Thoughts still buzzing round my head – so much so I haphazzardly left my phone on the train only to be told via twitter where it was!

Twitter aggregators

Blogs – a visual sketch book from @monicatailor
my blog posts @matthewlinley ,, : blog from @khaozmediayork from digistories on Ken Robinson, from Trevelyan Wright

Audio Boos / blogs etc (snoring man) (Jonathan Harris) (Hannah Rudman) interviews with various speakers

Speaker Resources

Jonathan Harris, number27.0rg

Kaye Elling (Women in Games) University of Bradford

Andy Field, Forrest Fringe Festival

Hannah Rudman, Envirodigital – QIK streamed video

Hannah Nicklin, University of Loughborough

Rohan Gunatilake, Festivals Edinburgh

Aurifi /Adam Stanning

DK, Media Snackers

Clare Reddington of iShed

Sir Ken Robinson
Ted Video 2006 Schools kill creativity
Ted Video 2010 Bring on the Learning Revolution

Julie’s Bicycle
the environmental costs of touring
the web site packed full of tools and information

Web Sites (DCMS – encouraging digital access to culture) online/offline social media networking

Other stuff
(geek in residence, edinburgh festivals)
(explanation of pervasive media) (the much maligned project – but worth checking out!)

and loads more I’ve missed from the twitter feed!


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