More from the GeoQuestors

Here is a brief blog post from Hugh as he prepares to go GeoQuesting…

Nearly time for the Geojourney, the Geoquest around the Bay.
Seven days of walking, exploricating, meeting and investigating after two years of thinking, sharing ideas, meetings, laughter, frustration and excitement.
The Crabman, Uncle and I have nearly finished our preparations. Coats are all ready, samples packed, songs learned and the route (mostly) planned.
We start at 8am on Tuesday 25th May at the Valley of Rocks near Watcombe and from there walk to Homelands School and from there onto Ilsham School and later a public walk at 6pm from Anstey’s Cove and then a performance at Kent’s Cavern that evening at 8pm with food and an expert talk!
And then the same again each day for the next 6 days until the end of May and till we have made a circuit round the bay. Come and join us.

We now have our final song and here is the chorus.

So the ground is always shifting
From thrusts and tears and shocks
Moving plates and earthquakes and volcanoes erupting
Geology rocks, Geology rocks

So the earth is always changing
And when geologists are dead and gone
The earth will never stop rearranging
The rocks rock on, the rocks rock on

More tomorrow.


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