B&Q Nightmares – You can’t do it if you B & Q it

Filled with the bank holiday spirit on Sunday we set about the latest project – raised beds, decking and a storage bench for the garden. Actually for those of you who know me it’s probably fairer to say I wasn’t doing much leading on this project. Anyhow lulled by all that advertising and a hefty 15% discount offer we thought we’d give b and q a go – I now rather wish I hadn’t.

In brief our amazing customer experience went something like this….
– Turn up at store and find the timber enquiry desk. We join the queue but no member of staff.
– We wait and wait
– A very friendly member of staff arrives on another enquiry, apologies and promises to find someone else to help
– We wait some more
– The gentleman from timber cutting comes over but he can’t process either our enquiry or that of the person before. He makes a tannoy announcement and leaves
– No one comes
– I find the (still friendly) gentleman from timber cutting and he make s another tannoy announcement
– Still no one comes – but this time friendly gentleman stays with us
– Eventually someone from kitchens join us and after a further 10 minutes for the first customer to be dealt with its finally our turn.
– We ask our question – but nice lady from kitchens cant answer it because its not her specialism and no one else is around.
– By this time driven to distraction by the hanging around we decide to order anyway – a process which involves both of us running around the store to check stock numbers.
– Delivery address is confirmed and we’re assured it will be with us by Friday – just wait our call on Tuesday.
– We just make the check outs as they are closing the store
– We call them on Wednesday. Outcome of which was a) not sure we can actually deliver to your address, b) don’t know if its all in stock and c) don’t think we can deliver it on Friday.

And we paid nearly £500 for this pleasure. Follow me on twitter (@matthewlinley) to find out the next exciting installment!!


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