Rumours from Leicester’s CQ

Thought this was worth sharing!

Leicester’s sparkling new theatre CURVE are rumoured to be planing for a radical new interpretation of Shakespeare’s History plays (with a sprinkling of the comedies and tragedies thrown in too). In true inside out fashion the action will flow through all the spaces of the multi million pound building across theatre square with the denouement taking place in the burial ground of St Georges churchyard.

The modern day production will be set around the time of the development of Leicester’s cultural quarter and follows a central character (called only city) and five Lords and Ladies of the court who – one by one – fall foul of the whims and fashion of the city, ending up buried in unnamed graves in the churchyard.

In a final chilling scene City is seen desperately seeking new courtiers to run the beautiful Cultural Palaces the City has created when he is confronted by the ghosts of the Lords and Ladies.


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