The Independents Day in Brum -intro

The Independents:-

Lengthy train journey to skegness allows me to reflect on the first day of the independents Cultural Leadership Programme ( being run by Battersea Arts Centre (

I’ve divided them up into two separate blog entires under the themes of digital footprint and space which follow. I’ll add photos when my G1 (google phone) starts to behave itself and recognise the SD card again!

The Independents supports the development of independent leaders in the cultural and creative industries. The programme aims to

– establish a new network of independent cultural leaders who are better equipped to resource and sustain a strong independent career.
– to legitimise and promote the role of the established freelancer and make a critical contribution to the development of a growing pool of independent cultural leaders in the UK
– to encourage a network of independent leaders to share learning, skills and ideas, seeding new projects and relationships.
– to provide inspirational models of independent practice and to identify essential leadership development unique to the independent sector.

For me I’m looking forward to the time out with peers to think about what it is I do, helping me to understand my place in the arts scene of the UK (which is very easy when your Director of a venue – less easy as an Independent) and to find out much much more about Battersea and its way of working.

On the programme with me are George Bednar, Lorne Campbell, Gwen Van Spijk, Claire Hicks, Neil and Simone, Emma Hart, Raj Pardesi and Lucia Hogg.


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