Pre lunch action from day 1 of the Roses Match

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Yes I admit it – I have an addiction to cricket, and having been born and brought up in Leeds I’m an out and out Yorkshire fan (which is now somewhat complicated by the fact that younger bro plays for Surrey). Living in Essex means I dont get to see them very much but today I attended day 1 of the roses match – and saw Lancashire who won the toss – reduced to 220 odd for seven. It would have been even less if we held onto our catches – one by wicketkeeper Brophy was unforgiveable – especially given he’d held a stunning catch off Bresnan earlier (which is captured on camera here). You don’t see much on this little film – but you do see the 1st wicket, all 5 bowlers and get a sense of the changes at the Pavillion end and the good crowd that was in attendance. And my highlight of the day – a brief – but wonderful chat with Harold Dickie Bird. The man truly deserves the title legend!

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