The P&C memory stick – sneak preview – here is the track listing

Once again Phrased and Confused will be giving away a free memory stick packed with info about spoken word (see my previous post for one of the contributions) but most importantly lots of tracks from artists appearing omn the stage.

Totally unofficially here is the track listing…

1. Knock Knock – Woodpigeon
Written by Mark Andrew Hamilton and Woodpigeon. Performed by Woodpigeon. Published by SOCAN.

2. The Truth – Inua Ellams
Written by Inua Ellams, composed by John Hendicot, performed by Inua Ellams and Jessica Luzzy

3. I am an eighties pop tart – Sifundo
Written and performed by Sifundo

4. The Garden – Francesca Beard
Written and performed by Francesca Beard

5. Cupid on Dylan – Joshua Idehen
Written and performed by Joshua Idehen, music by Dan Le Sac

6. Mr Bumble Bee – Liv Torc
Written and performed by Liv Torc

7. Western Front – Tamsin Kendrick
Written and performed by Tamsin Kendrick

8. Nightswimming – Beth Jeans Houghton
Written and performed by Beth Jeans Houghton

9. Prosthetics – Hannah Silva
Written and performed by Hannah Silva

10. Lies – The Book Club Boutique
Written by Salena Godden, composed and performed by The Book Club Boutique. Copyright Control.

11. You Aint Levelling Nah – Eklipse (Jamal Msebele)
Written and performed by Eklipse (Jamal Msebele). Produced by Crash Beats.

12. A Brief History of Combat Simulation – Ross Sutherland
Written and performed by Ross Sutherland.

13. Undercurrent – Sound of Rum
Written by Kate Tempest, music by Sound of Rum. Performed by Kate Tempest, Archie Marsh and Ferry Lawrenson.

14. Holy Shot (live) – Byron Vincent
Written and performed by Byron Vincent

15. Mermaids – Aly
Written by Aly, Music by Milk, Performed by Aly

16. Andrew T Lamar – Stephanie Leal
Written and performed by Stephanie Leal

17. The Way Your Face Lights Up – John Osborne
Written and performed by John Osborne

18. This Song is Definitely Not About You – Skint and Demoralised
Lyrics Abbott, Music Abbott/Gledhill. Copyright control

19. Bicycle Poem – Jon Seagrave
Written and performed by Jon Seagrave

20. This Other Me – Michael Edwards
Written and performed by Michael Edwards

21. Dirty Blue Jeans – Jeremy Warmsley.
Written and performed by Jeremy Warmsley. Published by Transgressive

22. Luck by Stuart Silver
Written and performed by Stuart Silver.

The memory stick is exclusively available free of charge at the Summer Sundae festival – just come to the Phrased and Confused tent. Its a great line up – both at P&C and at the full festival this year – and tickets are still available


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