The P&C tour video is now on line!

You can find the P&C tour video here at

Also worth checking out the blog of Byron Vincent who narrowly missed out on winning a P&C / Summer Sundae commission – his re telling of the interview experience is hilarious – as well as asking (indirectly) some useful questions about how appropriate a process it is…

And if your interested in finding out about the 4 artists who did win commissions of course you’ll find it all on the P&C site. But in short expect new work for P&C from Kate Tempest and Sound of Rum, Hannah Silva (with drummer Alexis Kirke), Joshua Idenhoe (with Stewart George and Jon Cottle of Benin City.. in grizzly bear mode….) and mother and son duo Sifundo and Jamal.

Now to the small matter of whittling down the East regions applications for the Artist Taking the Lead project. Ok so the prize on offer is £500,000 rather than the £1,000 on offer for a P&C commission but Ive still taken the liberty of sending Byron’s blog to the rest of the panel!

(By the way the video is put together by Mr Stuart Silver with the help of camera work by Line Out!)


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