Feeling blue at the end of Jammy Voo’s tour

With Phrased and Confused demanding (it has been something of a beast) so much of my time I’ve rather neglected one of my other projects. Some time ago I put together the first ever UK tour for the all female clowning troupe Jammy Voo. Its their last night tonight at the Theatre Royal Margate, and following a meeting in Cambridge with David Ousby (who I worked with and for on the Southend Pier feasibility study) I head down to see them.

At exactly 1928 I dash into the theatre and am immediately pleased to see a busy, lively bar. And what a theatre this is. I learn later its the second oldest in the UK (only Bristol Old Vic beats it) and its apparently seriously haunted.

Of course the show opens with the cast of JV in the audience and they immediately pick up on my post tour beard. I particularly enjoy being tickled by Ingveld’s blue feathers!! then the show starts proper! Its great finally seeing the whole thing – having previously only seen extracts and versions on DVD. Something Blue races from one bizarre scenario to the next – little red riding hood covers herself in nutella to woo the big bad wolf, a geriatric ladies chorus sing beautiful filth and in the shows climax five brides cat fight their way to the altar. The most haunting, touching scene though is the miniature mans love scene – simple and very effective puppetry. In the post show discussion there is the promise of more puppetry in new shows.

Post show I hear all about the highs and lows of the tour. I’m also introduced to a bizarre tour song – a kind of counting number involving beavers. All in all it seems to have been hugely successful – with lots and lots of positive feedback. And now in three weeks time the company go into the next stage of development for their new show Darkly Delicious – watch this space for more info!


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