Rehearsal day at South Hill Park

Full day of rehearsals in the cellar bar where we will be performing – although the beauty of South Hill Park is there are lots of nooks and crannies where artists can be squirelled away to rehearse on their own. Stuart is beavering away overseeing technical set up, working with artists and encouraging collaborations. Progress is steady if not spectacular.

Over lunch William Trevelyan (one of the programmers at SHP and our host for the three days here) introduces me to local poet and former poet in residence at Glastonbury AF Harrold. He’s a man with a fine fine beard and we have an entertaining couple of hours talking about Reading, poetry and Phrased & Confused. I leave clutching a book of AF goodies!

We kind of run the show at 3 o clock. Its long, slow and cumbersome – and a long way from finished. Woodpigeon are in full flow when the house manager arrives to throw us out for comedy night…we grovel an extra 30 minutes but our offer to put out the table and chairs is politely – but firmly – refused!

WP head off to see Beirut whilst the rest of us pop off for pub lunch. Its going to be a long day tomorrow.


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