P& C rehearsals

Its 11am and the van is meant to be leaving hub towers – only the vans not arrived (traffic) and our creative mentor Stuart Silver is outside Aldgate East train station waiting for one of the artists. Aaron Meyer is a new addition to Woodpigeon and is in London for the first time. We know he left Shepherds Bush an hour ago but without a mobile we are unable to contact him.


Its actually gone 12 by the time the van – the Tigeress (who needs a right good slamming if your to shut her doors) – leaves and I dash off to Leicester for a Phrased & Confused festival meeting.


9 hours later I reach Bracknall – by which time I’d already had a run in with First Great Western. Murray Lachlan Young’s sleeper ticket hadn’t arrived – although the Post Office was happily telling FGW that it had. ‘You’ll have to buy a new ticket was the constant refrain’. Murray started knocking on neighbours doors – and eventually the truth emerged. The post office had tried to deliver a ticket to a Mr M Linley to a neighbour of Murray’s – naturally she had refused to accept it! Armed with this information I’m now at Paddington station and with my sweet as pie face on try getting a resolution. Sweet as pie develops to irritation to full out anger. Eventually a Manager agrees that he will call the train crew and allow a Murray Lachlan Young onto the train into the berth with his name but without a ticket. Logic prevails.


Back at Bracknall rehearsals have gone well. The first collaboration – between Woodpigeon and Mark n Mixy has been nailed and the ‘fresh’ line up of Woodpigeon are still hard at it developing their set when I arrive at 10pm.


The evening ends with a late night stroll (2am!) from Tanglewood (where most of the company are staying) to Forresters (where I am). I’m concentrating so much on the directions I miss a stone and with my ruck sack on my back pushing me over I end up prostrate on the grass. Thankfully its soft and wet….and outside a priory so it feels kind of appropriate!



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